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Horse Rearing
Dimensions: L106xH110 inches Price: £19,720.00
Horse Running
Dimensions: L134xH89 inches
Price: £14,000.00

Bronze Horse Collection

Horse and Foal
Dimensions: L118xH87 inches
Price: £15,490.00
Horse and Foal 2
Dimensions: L82xH81 inches
Price: £12,675.00
Large Silver Tang Horse
Dimensions: L53xH57 inches
Price: £7428.00
Armoured Horse
Dimensions: L80xH81 inches
Price: £25,000.00
Arabian Horseman
Dimensions: H50 inches
Price: £5571.43
Horse Head on Marble
Dimensions: L10 inches
Price: £140.83
Jockey on Horse
Dimensions: L19xH18 inches
Price: £248.99
Horse Galloping
Dimensions: L107xH82 inches
Price: £19,720.00
Medium Silver Tang Horse
Dimensions: L33xH38 inches
Price: £3714.99
Native American on Horse
Dimensions: L24xH22 inches
Price: £1114.29
Horse Head on Marble
Dimensions: H13 inches
Price: £204.75

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